i also wanna play

At Red Bull King of the Air 2015

Gone kitesurfing in Paradise

Here is a little video of my stay in Brazil. Friends and wind everyday, such a great time. Filmed by : Maxime Grousset (Canon EOS 600D) Riding & edit by : Laura

Gabriele Garofalo

Spot: Lo Stagnone, Marsala Italy Music: All 4 Tha Cash Gang Starr

Kitesurf championnats

Cette Vidéo est pour la promotion de mon projet sur le site Mymajorcompany qui est une plateforme de financement participatif.

early winter

Flying the 8 m access and Summit in strong gusty wind First ride of the winter with all the team Testing the new safety system , just what we need : easy

RB KOTA 2015

Maarten van Es (Zian Kiteboarding) submission video for Red Bull KOTA 2015.

Johnno Scholte

New video footage from Johnno Scholte for the 2015 Redbull King of the Air video competition. Shot in Capetown! Video and edit by: Steven Akkersdijk


Un regard diffÉrent sur le kite

“Pure Love”

We all have something we love to do. My passion is kitesurfing. I love to do sports because of the excitement you get, the adrenalin it comes with it, all the places

Makani Beach

Produccion de Vari Kites 2015 en Makani Beach Cordoba, presentando el nuevo Condor C 2015…Disfruten! Edicion: Stick Visual Studio