Episode 2 “Back to Brazil”

Alex Pastor After my first session since my shoulder surgery I decided to fly to Brazil and to get back to my routine of training and also to catch up on some

Holi Colors

Are you ready for something special, something truly unique and something that will simply blow your mind? We present you: “Holi Colors – The Film” A creative project by Flysurfer Kiteboarding and

Fly Me To The Moon

Nick Jacobsen stars in this quirky kiteboarding short. Born in Denmark and groomed for kiting in South Africa he stays true to his crazy roots in this 13 minute film that takes

Liquid Force Wow Kite

Born from our mission to engineer a top-performing wave-riding kite that also excels at all-around freeriding, LF is pleased to introduce the WOW. Bringing our wildest dreams to life, we poured our

Kiteboarding with Whales!

Big air, freestyle and Whales Go Pro POV in Cape Town


t has been a while since Nick (from Lifely) teamed up with Flysurfer & MBS rider Yusca Balogh. For a new upcoming video project, some new stabilizing video gear needed to be


Dioneia Vieira riding in her backyard. Gin Kiteboarding

Freestyle 30+ Death In Brazil

Are you afraid of the crashes? Don’t you get new tricks because you are still thinking about the injuries? Chicken! This is another motivational video for people over 30 that think that

Seco triko

My name is Pierre Vogel thats a kite trip i seco island /feb 2015

Spanish style

Soma tricks of my last trip in Baja California and Canaria Island this winter…enjoy!!!