Success is no accident. It’s hard work, lot of effort, perseverance, sacrifice, dedication and most of all, love of what you’re doing.

It’s important to recognize what’s your dream. What are you passionate about. Jaws showed me that when you act through your true passion and play as harder as you can to achieve your dream, it can became a reality.

Even at the beginning you’re walking alone, never give up. Even if people don’t believe in you, never give up.

Thanks El Nino, it was a hell of a winter!

An honor to became part of that list of those one that ride that wave, and more when you been sharing that day with most of your idols from surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Just to be waiting for the sets next to legends like Robby Naish, Jason Polakov, Kai Lenny, Jesse Richman, Shane Dorian or Kelly Slater… and was a situation that I still don’t belive.

For all those who have supported me, thank you so much!

Feel so lucky to live the life I’m living right now. Let’s keep on going!


Fottage: Giora Koren / Karim Iliya / Olaf Crafto / Sunny Kalama / GoPro
Music: “Coal miner’s song” Nico Vega / “Wildfire” Dorothy

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