ALIVE – Full Movie

Here we are 15th of november, so like we promised you’re free to enjoy our new full movie ALIVE!!
With the recent terror events happening in France, we wish to deliver the most positive and loving message to the world.
So as a reminder to all unfavorable forces, WE are a strong nation, with immense ressources and as long as a french soul will still breath their will be HOPE. So live the most out of everyday, make the right choices in your life and always enjoy the people and nature that surrounds you to stay fully ALIVE.

We wouldn’t be living the dream without the help of our sponsor so a big thank goes to ION.
This movie was mostly shot on 5D MKIII in the South West of France and a bit of Spain. The movie features the riding of Teiva Outters, Thomas Paris & Colas Delebarre and many friends met along the road.

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