In 2014, Rail Masters Kite Jib Contest will be held 15 to August 23, as part of sports and music festival BeeCamp, organized by Beeline. The festival will be at Bugazskaya Spit in Blagoveschenskaya village.
Chief Justice of BeeCamp / Rail Masters will himself Brian Wheeler (USA), which is designed for contest original judicial system, just as he did for the iconic wake Style Competition Triple-S (USA), Ro-Sham Throwdown (USA) and other competitions. 
In the struggle for a prize pool of $ 5,000, provided by partner RM Beeline, take the strongest Russian riders: Peter Tyushkevich, Victoria Soloveykina, Anton Uzhegov,Nikolay Rakhmatov, Sergei Belmesov, Gennady Kirillov, Artem Garashchenko, Yan Valiev, Sergey Shaluho, Ilya Iskhnopulo. The fight will be real hard, because in order to participate in BeeCamp / RailMasters come to Russia: James Boulding,Craig Cunnigham, Eric Rienstra, Toby Helter, Jake Kelsick, Maciek Lewandowski, Olek Lewandowski, etc. Level Russian riders in the park with a kite is growing every year. Who shall ascend into the pedestal Cup «Beeline» / Rail Masters-2014? We will get know it August 23 – the closing day of the festival BeeCamp-2014.

Music The Greenhornes – Unnatural Habitat

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