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Music: MENSCH « Tarifa » – Courtesy of Alter K FULL STORY IN FRENCH & SPANISH: A little while ago, Antoine Auriol – the kitesurfing World champion KPWT 2010 – could realize one of his dreams: to kitesurf in the center of Madrid, in the famous Retiro park. For the past four years Antoine …


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Baikal Episode

El lago Baikal no es un destino típico del kiteboarding. Probablemente se esté preguntando dónde se encuentra, pues le ahorraremos un poco de tiempo … ¡está en Siberia! Cerca de la frontera de Rusia y Mongolia se encuentra el lago más grande del mundo. Aaron Hadlow, Stefan Spiessberger, Craig Cunningham, Noe Font y Fran Bagnioli …

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This video is about Pro Kiteboarder and owner of EPICKITES Dimitri Maramenides having an epic time kiting with his son Cameron Maramenides and the beast using Leech Eye Glasses. More info for his kites: Epic kites Music: JJD Particles

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