Starring: Eudazio da Silva, Katarzyna Lange, Zuza Rusiecka, Justyna Sierpi?ska, Jose Luengo, Maciej Lewandowski, Jan Szlagowski. Production: Off creative – DoP: Aleksander Lewandowski, Producer: Maciej Jazwiecki
Just like the exceptional Nobile boards are, so is the new “Earth and Spaces” collection. It is modern and boasts with an energy combined with style and elegance. An essence of the latest trends, created in accordance with the Nobile brand philosophy.
The “Earth and Spaces” collection consists both of real pictures and visions full of fantasies. Take a look at the top of the Earth line – computer-processed satellite images of unique places, magnified on base in the form of picture’s pixels. The Spaces design is made of abstract geometrical forms and new spaces we are transferred into by the boards chosen in accordance with our predispositions.

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