Riki is one of the founder of ProKite Brasil, established in 2007. Over the years he had been training with many of the PRO friends, without any need for publicity. Therefore this short video of his riding is (also due to his age), by his words “my first and the last” 🙂 But let’s Riki share his thoughts:

39 years!!! The best gift I could get, done from Laci, is this video that I will keep as a memory for a lifetime: “The first and the last”. My life is love with the freestyle kitesurfing, many of travels, tricks, crashes, injuries, friends, riders, training, beach, laughs, sun, wind, business and even a caddy and after the last serious accident, my age brings me every year to lose tricks for a fear of an injuring myself again. I decided to do it just now, even if few years back I would close many more tricks, driven by the desire to have something of mine that would bring these amazing memories back in the future. Only a personal desire, so special for me, to share with friends who follow the same life and passion. A way to say goodbye to the freestyle that also gave me many joys and pitfalls.
“It always seems impossible until it’s done” Nelson Mandela
Music: Egadz – Plaid Parade from Matterhorn: Deathstare

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