From Carpet and Windmills

From the carpet and windmills of Sherman Island, to the east wind of Rooster Rock on the Columbia River we decided to explore the North West Coast of the USA kitesurfing and paragliding along the way. 5 of us in a minivan and a Subaru chase the forecast to keep wind under our sails every day for 2 weeks. It started at Sherman Island and Table Bluff in Eureka, California then north to Floras Lake, Oregon. After that we made it up the coast to Manzanita’s, Seaside, Jones Beach, and Rooster Rock for some of the best kitesurfing we’ve had. I basically missed the most epic tidbits because I was out riding or flying whenever it was really good, so this video is basically me grabbing my camera at the end of my session and hoping one of us would ride longer for a shot or 2.

Filmed mainly with a Canon 60D and some GoPro we’re starting to get the hang of things. I hope to put together some films these next few winters on snowkiting. I am using these kitesurfing video essays to learn about editing and filming. I’m hoping that this practice pays off when there’s sub 0 temps, high altitudes, and a painful wind. Just keeping up with the batteries, memory cards, and keeping the sensor clean (you’ll notice) catches me off guard occasionally. Getting a nice shot in 40+ wind while getting sand blasted also seems impossible…But lessons learned!

Hope you enjoy the film

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