Airush introduces 15 year old, Anthar Racca, to the International Team. Anthar is a prodigy and regarded as the next up and coming rider in kiteboarding. Hailing from Mexico, Anthar has already flown his nations flag on-top of the VKWC podium as the 2015 Youth World Champion U17 with more podiums to come!

“We have been following Anthar in his progress since his father sent me a video when he was 9 years old. Anthar is by far the youngest rider we have had in recent years under the Airush International team program. His riding is insane! Each session he has been logging in new tricks and with a bit more time and focus on certain aspects of his riding, it’s pretty clear he will be ready for the main stage soon.” says Airush Team Manager, Marc Schmid.

Filmed and Edited By The Bank
Music: Foreigner – Juke Box Hero

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