The 26-year-old freestyle powerhouse has a rich history with Slingshot and was closely involved in Slingshot’s original vision with the RPM- to create an industry-first bridled kite capable of winning world championships and excelling in everyday freeriding.

“For me, to come back to Slingshot is like returning home from a travel,” Zoon said. “We have a lot of history together and I’m very excited to add more to it. Slingshot is the ruler of quality, innovation and performance. I’m thrilled to be back to my roots and back on the kite that had such a big impact on my career. The RPM was an amazing kite when I left off, and it has only gotten better since. In just a short time back on the RPM, I’ve already gained a lot of confidence in being able to push myself, and my gear, harder than ever.”

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