The Blind Judge 5 Challenge. Episode 2: The Big Crash

The Story about a man born in the 70s who challenged the laws of NATURE trying to become the oldest man in the world able to do a Blind Judge 5, a very difficult freestyle kiteboarding trick done only by teenagers and 20s pro riders. He failed in Egypt, but he won’t stop until he gets the Blind Judge 5! The adventure has not finished!

Special Thanks to:
– Liam Whaley, Marc Jacobs and the Cows for his starring 😉
– All the people behind the cameras: María José Barrionuevo, Julia Castro, Santiago Feas, Noe Font, Pau Gisbert, Maxi Gómez, David González, Laura Jiménez, María Pamín, Gema Sánchez, Leandro Sirat, David Tonijuan and Sergio Turégano,
– Manel Arpa for guiding me to “Cow Paradise”
– Osteopatía Esteban Nardini for helping me with my knee

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