The Blind Judge 5

The Blind Judge 5 Challenge Episode IV.
Qué opináis? Será este el final?
Gracias por seguirme en esta aventura y por ayudarme a difundirla. Si no fuese por vosotros, ya habría abandonado hace tiempo.

The Story about a man born in the 70s who challenged the laws of NATURE trying to become the oldest man in the world able to do a Blind Judge 5, a very difficult freestyle kiteboarding trick done only by teenagers and 20s pro riders. He has been fighting for the World Record since July 2015…
What do you think? Has the adventure finished this time?

Agradecimientos a:
– All the people I’ve thanked in the other episodes
– Riccardo Locci
– Kite Village Sardegna
– El Cata!!!!!
– Jessie Dinger
– Ana Chamorro (The one who filmed the “Blind Judge 5”?)
– Mamá (Sandra Rv)
– Javi Mena, Armando, Rabomán and the other “oldies” behind the cameras
– Guadalupe di Paolo of course
– Javi Radilove (Radikite)

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Dedicado a:
SERGIO TURÉGANO… The real fan! I love you!

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