The Next Step

Hey guys,
Here’s a short video of my trip i took to brazil. I figured a place where wind was guarantied everyday for a few months straight would help my riding out a lot. I got to experiment with boots for the first time which was fun. I quickly realized that it wasn’t just the reliable wind that could help out my riding but having the opportunity to ride and hang out with a bunch of great riders from around the world (Brandon Scheid, Sam Light, Sam Medysky, Craig Cunningham, Chris Bobryk, Colleen Carroll) greatly improved my skills. It’s not just the places you go or the things you do that make a trip great, it’s the new friends you meet along the way. From the shared stories while playing cards, the group dinners at a “closed” pousada, the parties… All great experiences that i look forward to having next year!!!
Thanks for the memories and great trip my friends!!
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