Victor Project

“I have been shooting films with Victor, Kin, Long, Phu for a few years now and this time finally I had a chance to put them all in one production. After few months of working on the edit I can offer this. On my side, somewhere on the edge of perception I have a feeling that this is the best we did… so far… :D”
“This is my 2nd trip to Vietnam. Last time I was there I had an amazing time and insane sessions at Surfpoint Vietnam Kite School in Mui Ne and super flat water in Phang Rang. We had a lot of fun with the local riders that are actually the best riders in Asia this year. We pushed our limits, jumped over each others kites and crashed with a lot of laugh. I can’t imagine more fun than spending at least a month in Viet Nam so definitely I’ll be back there this winter!”

Music: “100 Black Coffins”

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