Waterskating Hiro

As some of you may well know filming a legit edit can be frustrating, filming a legit kiteskate edit is even worse. The plan was to make a solid vid with lots of new tricks that haven’t been put down behind a kite before, in the end however I just decided it was easier and more fun to goof around. So, here you go, a vid with some stupid stuff and a few kite NBD’s added in for good measure. Get skating.

Big shout out to Barracuda for the skate! I’ve been riding this same thing the last 4 years as I still haven’t found a better one haha

Conditions were: overpowered on a 12m Ozone C4 first day (aftenoon light), and overpowered on an 8m C4 the next day (midday light).

Filmers: Ewan Jaspan (Afternoon light), Karolina Winkowska (midday light). Cheers for helping guys.

Song: Memory Card Saves ~ Persona 3 FES

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