Hello everyone, I’m Suzana and I am a professional freerider from Poland.

Freeriding as a way of life is very different from freestyle and competitions. It is based on traveling the world, discovering new cultures, new destinations, new riding conditions. It’s the most wonderful thing and I am very commited to it, but from a professional rider perspective it can be tough in it’s own way sometimes, especially when you are stuck in a place with conditions clearly not suitable for learning new tricks and in the back of your head you know that all your friends are elsewhere, practicing and moving forward with their riding…

…but then you arrive at a destination like Tawila Island in Egypt, where this video was filmed, you look around and see this wild, mindblowing place full of birds and crabs, with flat crystal-clear water, you realise your love for kitesurfing brought you there and you think to yourself “I must be crazy! I have the best job in the world and it doesn’t matter that others move forward faster!”, which is the message I would like to send to everyone watching this short edit.

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